Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Boys

This morning Preston was playing with his Valentine's Day gift...his mini basketball hoop. Bennett has been enjoying it for the past two months, but now that Pres is sitting up, he too can enjoy it. He loved hearing the crowd cheer and smiled himself when he heard it. It was something we bought to encourage his balance when sitting because he has to handle the ball and grab onto the various things on the hoop. You then can raise the basket as he stands and grows. He is doing so well. He started to sit up a couple of weeks ago, but would quickly lose his balance and topple over. However, within the past week he has gotten better at looking around and playing with various toys while still sitting. He now can sit for several minutes and loves the new angle on life.
He is still not crawling, but he loves to "swim" while on his belly so we are hopeful that will be soon. Since he can get just about anywhere by rolling, he isn't as motivated as I thought he would be. Recently he also started this reverse crab crawl thing...while on his back, he pushes off his heels and scoots backwards. He has started doing this on the changing table, making it much more difficult to change his diapers.

He is so stinking sweet, and his smile can light up a room. He loves his big sister, and his "dog dog" as Bennett calls him.

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