Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stinky Camels

This morning I took both children to the zoo. Thankfully I met Brian and Shannon (along with Christian and Henley) there, because I needed the extra hands much of the time we were there! We went as soon as they opened at 9am, but it was blazing hot already and just continued to warm up. Of course everyone who knows me knows how bad I sweat, and poor Bennett got my sweat genes! Her upper lip was sweating, her hair was wet and she was flushed much of the time. Pres is a little hot box too, but he doesn't seem to mind it as much.

Anyway, we had a good time starting off at the petting zoo, and then watching the sea lion show! Christian and Bennett were as sweet as ever together, holding hands at times and just staring at the animals in amazement. We even had strangers ask if they were twins (they do look as if they could be siblings). When we walked by the camels, and they saw other children riding them, they wanted to do it too (well, maybe we encouraged them some). However, when it got time for them to actually get on the camels, Christian decided that he only wanted to watch, so Brian had to ride with them to coax him. Of course, they both loved the experience when it was over, and asked for "more" when they got off.

Following the zoo, we all went to lunch before heading home for naps. Since Preston woke me up at 5:30 this morning, I took a nap too (and it was glorious). Steve meanwhile worked like a dog today in the heat. He is building a fancy gate and arbor to our backyard, and then he mowed the lawn! That is typically a job that I enjoy doing, but I was thankful he did it this weekend since the heat was almost unbearable for me. Scary that I am complaining about the heat already and it is only April....ahhh, it is going to be a long summer!


Chelsea said...

Oh, I'm jealous that you are SWEATING! I would love to sweat right now. We are looking are more stinkin' snow today!!

Dave Long said...

You'll have to post some pics of the fancy gate and arbor. I think I may have to build me one of those someday.

Mizerany Family said...

Get some help Dave! It has taken Steve over a year to do it by himself.

Dave Long said...

I understand that. Projects can take forever. I've got more ideas than time. We rode the stinky camels at the zoo on Lawson's birthday. Of course, it had rained the day before and the day of so the camels were nice and EXTRA stinky! Oof.