Monday, May 25, 2009

Bennett's 2nd Birthday

Saturday was Bennett's 2nd Birthday! Happy Birthday darling! We started the day with her opening presents from us, before we headed to Smith Lake (where Steve's family was spending the weekend). We gave her small gifts that she can use outside (since that is where she prefers to be most of the time anyway). Unfortunately the weather this weekend was terrible, so we spent most of our time at the lake inside...ugh! There were periods in between the downpours that we could play outdoors for a little while, but they were not for very long. Bennett didn't seem to mind too much though because she had so many cousins there to play with.
After a yummy steak dinner on Saturday, we celebrated with cake! Her Mimi and Papa got birthday hats and kazoos for everyone, so we all stood around and sang her "Happy Birthday!" It had been about the 5th time she had heard it that day, but she didn't mind. She just sat there and took in all of the excitement. Even Preston got a piece of the action, sitting up on a barstool next his big sister. He especially liked the singing! However, after dinner he wanted nothing to do with the hat...

After dinner, Steve set up a toddler bed for Bennett. It used to be Abby's bed at the lake, but since she is way past sleeping in it...we decided to see if Bennett would use it. No time like her first night at the lake with a house full of people to try a new bed. She loved it right off the bat, crawling into it and then jumping on it! She loved it when Spencer hopped up there with her too. She didn't sleep too well her first night, but thankfully she slept like a log the second night (thank goodness)!

We ended our weekend there with Bennett getting a ride on "Goo's boat." All of the older children were riding it in between the rain, and Bennett just watched from the deck. So she was excited to be the first one on it this morning. Though her facial expressions didn't show much enthusiasm, I know she really enjoyed "driving" the waverunner around this morning.

This shortened work week sends Steve back to Georgia for a few days while we sit back and prepare for Bennett's 2nd birthday party this weekend. More to come on that later!


Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Bennett! Time sure flies. Looks like the perfect celebration!

courtney said...

happy birthday, bennett!! seems like just yesterday i was reading about your mommy taking her TIVO to the hospital while waiting for you to be born! what a hoot. :)

Mary Michael said...

Happ Birthday "B"!!

Joy said...

Happy Birthday Bennett!
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