Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long Story, but...

Okay, I am going to start off by saying I don't want to hear from anyone how my almost 2 year old child shouldn't be drinking from a bottle. I know, I know....but it was one of the battles that I just didn't feel like fighting. She is such a good sleeper, and it was part of her routine, so who could argue with that?

As you all know, we were up at the lake this past weekend. Both kids have been a little under the weather, and when you couple that with the over-stimulation Bennett had up there, it resulted in a terrible night of sleep day one. She didn't want to nap, nor go to bed, in fear that she was going to miss out on something so fun. We let her stay up way past her bedtime on Saturday anyway since it was her birthday, but even by 9:30-10:00 she wasn't ready (and she normally is asking to go to bed by 8pm)! So after wrestling her to sleep, she finally went down for several hours. However, she awoke in her new toddler bed at 3:30 and didn't want to go back down. Steve finally got her to fall back asleep, but as you might imagine...she didn't sleep enough.

Sunday wasn't too bad of a day (mood-wise), and she actually took a decent nap. But bedtime was another trying time, and since she had boycotted most food that day, we wanted to ensure that she had a "big bottle" before bed so she would sleep all night. Myra suggested that we put rice cereal in her milk, so Steve mixed some in a bottle that we use to feed Preston his nighttime feeding (the nipple is torn so the thick rice cereal-formula mixture we give him can pass through). I don't know what Bennett hated more, the thick milkshake Steve concocted, or the very fast nipple. But she immediately started coughing and eventually threw up (all over Steve and herself).

Though it wasn't our plan, she hasn't used a bottle since, nor had a sip of milk. Now I really don't want her boycotting milk for the rest of her life, as she needs the vitamins and dairy in her diet. However, I am NOT going to complain about the blessing that has occurred with her not using a bottle anymore. And ironically it happened the day after she turned two!

The past few days, I haven't offered her a bottle, but she has asked for one a time or two. But as soon as she sees it, she says "baba yuck!" and hands it back to us. So I truly think she is over it! And as I told Steve tonight, even if she has a change of heart...she isn't going to get back in that bad habit, so don't worry.

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Dave Long said...

Awww. Poor Bennet. Baba yuck! We kept Lawson on the bottle way past the time when the experts say they should be through. It was for the same reason - it was part of his night time routine and it just worked. With the move and all it was sleep that we were most concerned about. It wasn't until we moved into the new house and got him settled that we were able to eliminate it and that was just a few months before his 2nd birthday.

Sorry you got thrown up on, Steve. That has happened to me also and there is nothing fun about it.