Saturday, May 30, 2009

Miss B's 2nd Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Bennett's 2nd birthday again with an official party with family (that could make it) and friends. We were so fortunate to have a beautiful day, and I think everything came together perfectly. It was a painting theme since Bennett loves to doodle. So we had sidewalk chalk that they could use on our patio (though they really liked drawing on Bennett's playhouse the most), and we set up a huge palette for the kiddos along our fence, stapling butcher paper up and various poster boards for those who wanted their own workspace. Each child had their own apron and paintbrushes and got to choose which colors they wanted to use. Outside of it being a little messy...I think everyone had fun.

We eventually cleaned up as best we could (Bennett and Miley both had paint in their hair), and broke for lunch. We served a gourmet meal for toddlers....hotdogs, fruit, pasta salad, goldfish crackers and chips. Nothing fancy, but we didn't have much leftover so I guess it worked. Then of course we sung "Happy Birthday" again and tore into her cake.

I hadn't intended on Bennett opening up her presents right away, but she was so anxious to unwrap them. Thankfully she had many helping hands to assist with the process because she received many wonderful gifts.

Though our little guy slept through the entire party (he is under the weather with an ear infection), we were able to capture one family photo before our last guest left.


Jeff and Lindsey said...

What an adorable creative idea for a party! Bennett looks like she had a great time!!

Mary Michael said...

What a great birthday that idea!