Sunday, May 31, 2009

Preston is on the Move!!

Well, it is official....Preston is on the move at 8.5 months! He has been taking one or two passes, but then collapsing for the past week or two, so we knew he was getting ready. However this morning he really wanted my cup of coffee and he just kept going for it. It is not very graceful, in fact he is a little jerky and slow, but he is moving. I expect in a day or two he will really get the hang of it and start crawling around faster (beware Bennett!). In the meantime, here is a short video of one of his first crawls.


Jeff and Lindsey said...

So cute! BEtter lace up your running shoes...boys are just off the charts active when they crawl/walk!

courtney said...

awww.. awesome family moment!

Mary Michael said...

Yep...give it one day and he will be all over the place!