Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bennett and her ballet...take 3!

This morning Bennett had her third ballet class (we missed one week). I dressed her up in this adorable tutu that Louis, Michelle and the kids gave her for her birthday. It is so stinking cute, and she looked absolutely adorable in it. I asked her to twirl for me so you could see the front and back.

Last week was like our first week all over again because of the trip to Peoria, and I sat in the class with her the entire time. I kept urging her to participate, but she just sat in my lap or next to me the entire time. However, this week she walked into the room without my assistance so I decided that I would leave at some point and see how she reacted. Of course she was all smiles initially, even participating a little. So when she ran to the closet to get a scarf, I made a break for it.

As soon as she turned around and realized I was gone the tears and shouts of "mama" began. However this week she let the instructor pick her up. Though she continued to sob for awhile, she wasn't screaming like she did in week one. There were a few times when the instructor would put her down, and she would just stand there and observe the other kids. I know deep down she wanted to play with them, but she is a little shy so she didn't.

As pathetic as this sounds...she is making progress. I am hoping to only stay in the class for 5 minutes or less next week!

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Mary Michael said...

Love the tutu. Little girls are so much fun!