Saturday, June 27, 2009

Family Fun

Tonight we had some friends over for dinner and conversation. Tom and Heather have two young girls who typically go to bed at 7pm, so the festivities started early...5pm! Alexandria, the eldest, just turned 5 yrs old and had a birthday party this morning that Bennett attended. Since the party had a water/beach theme and the kids were outside for the two hour duration, they were all exhausted and took good naps today (thank goodness)! So when all of the girls were together, they were wound up! Their youngest, Miley, is a week older than Bennett and they have such fun playing together.

We met this great family in the park several months ago and have been taking turns having each other over for dinner ever since. It has been fun for Heather and me too because we have so much in common. Tom and Steve are both in construction (I say that loosely since there are so many areas within the industry), but they too never run out of things to talk about. So all in is always fun.

Since school ended, Heather and I have been trying to get together more often to hang out and let the girls all play together. We'll meet at the park or the pool, and it has been fun. Since the little ones can't call Alexandria by her full name, they call her "ya ya" and Miley affectionately calls Bennett "bit bit." It is so cute....

Anyway, tonight after dinner, the girls were still raring to go and we were enjoying our martinis, so we popped in a movie and let them all stay up late. They were all zoned into the TV for awhile and enjoyed "Shrek" regardless of that scary dragon. Of course I had to take a photo or two.

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Chelsea said...

Look at that little chunka monka. I want to give those little thighs a squeeze!