Sunday, June 7, 2009

First Half of Peoria Visit

Okay, we are only a few days into our visit, but it has been an action-packed visit already. Since I haven't been back to visit in 1.5 years, and the kids are parents had a list of things to do. Friday we got up and took the kids for a walk to the park where they could swing and run around some. Later that night we enjoyed a delicious dinner on the terrace at CCP. Though it is only early June, the humidity is is full gear back in Birmingham, so it was nice to just sit outside on a pretty, clear night and take in the view.

Saturday we hired a friend, Ashlee, to watch the kids so we could play golf. It is so weird because I have known Ashlee since she was born, and used to babysit her (and her siblings) when they were young children. Bennett had a small meltdown, but otherwise things went smoothly for her. Meanwhile, we were out enjoying the new grass at CCP and trying to keep track of our balls. It had been over two years since I last played, so as you might game was FAR from perfect, but I had so much fun. Shortly after we came home, the kids awoke from their naps and we went swimming. It was Preston's first time, and Bennett's first time this year. Both kids did great! Bennett wore water wings and was jumping from the side of the pool, and Preston enjoyed floating around in his raft and kicking his legs.

Last night, Steve and I had a "date night" and left the kids home with my folks. We had several cocktails and a tasty dinner at a new place in Peoria (well new to me). It was great to get dressed up and have an adult, uninterrupted, conversation with Steve.

Steve flew back to Birmingham today, but we kept proceeding with activities. There was an art show in town, and along with that they had a tent where the children could make hand puppets and paint tiles. Bennett scribbled on one, and then had her face painted. Poppy suggested she have a "cat" face, and then the artist painted it to match her outfit. It was very sweet, and she really enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror with the make-up on.

Tonight I am getting together with some girls that I went to grade school with...should be fun catching up. More on that and the rest of our activities later!


Courtney Long said...

so cute cat face!

Frederick family said...

BEAUTIFUL family pictures! So much fun for everyone! Enjoy your visit!

Lisa said...

Looks like y'all are having so much fun! I love the cat face -- too cute!

Chelsea said...

Sounds like you're having a great time and I'm sure your folks are enjoying having you there. Glad you could get out for a "date night". What a treat!