Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just the Four of Us

This weekend, we packed up again and headed to Reynold's Plantation for a long weekend. It was the perfect getaway with just the four of us (well, five of us, including Spence). Since Steve has been working in Juliette, GA (about an hour south of Reynolds), he drove up Thursday and met us there. Though he had to return to work on Friday, the kids and I had a fun day entertaining ourselves in spite of the 100 degree weather!

We all got up early and headed to the park to run around and play. After we were nice and sweaty, we got our swimsuits on and went to the pool for a couple of hours. Bennett made a friend and since he was jumping off the side of the pool, she decided to do it as well. This was a great step since she has been a little cautious around the water this summer. Preston tuckered himself out within the first 30 minutes, so I laid him down in the shade and he took a little nap.

Bennett and I played and tried to practice her swimming, but she is very hard-headed and wouldn't listen to me (where does she get this attitude from anyway?).

After lunch, both kids went down for naps so I read a book. When my eyes started becoming heavy, I just crawled into bed and took a nap myself.
This was the best treat to myself ever, as I NEVER nap during the week. We all awoke right around 5pm (we were keeping ourselves on Birmingham time), shortly before Steve got home. That night we went out to dinner before returning home so Bennett could watch her new favorite movie, Shrek. After Steve and I relinquished control of the TV over and over again so she could watch her movie, we banished her to the floor and the portable DVD player. Of course Preston is drawn to Bennett like a magnet, so he never let her watch it in peace.

The next day we took the boat out, which was a terrible idea. With only one set of hands (mine), since Steve was driving, it was nearly impossible to keep both kids happy. Of course Preston couldn't have been more upset when we zipped him into his new life preserver in the 100 degree weather before we left the marina and there was any wind. However, once the motor started, he just fell asleep. Bennett on the other hand wanted only her Daddy to hold her, so we were constantly battling her to stay seated while the boat was moving. When she would get away from me and walk to Steve, Steve would have to reduce speed and she would ALWAYS fall. Then the tears would come. I knew she was hungry because she always gets extra fussy and cries often when she is, so we gave her a couple of crackers.

Once we finally got some food in her belly, we found a nice cove and took a dip. The water was so warm, so we got both kids in the water to cool off too. Bennett enjoyed the little adventure, but Preston got ticked. I know he felt cooler, but he really hated his life preserver. After driving around a little longer, we decided to call it a day. What really upset us was the fact that every slip was full, and there was NO ONE from the marina there to assist people coming and going. So everything was taking much longer. When a slip finally did open, we had to ask another boater to help guide us in (since I had Preston and Steve was driving). When I say it was a cluster, that is an understatement. I can't even tell you how many cusswords I mumbled under my breath about the staff there at that moment. Here we are with two small kids, we're inexperienced drivers, it was a crowded day and 100 degree weather .... Let's just say we vowed to never take the boat out again without at least one more adult.

The rest of the weekend was spent close to the house, grilling out, playing with the kids, more pool time. Though the kids and I returned today, Steve hung back for a few more work days in Georgia. He did however have an enjoyable afternoon lying on the sofa, drinking beer and watching the US Open. Though he claimed to miss us, I know he had to enjoy the stillness in the house. He deserved it is Father's Day, and he does a lot for the kids and me. We love you honey!

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