Sunday, July 26, 2009

Avalon 2009

Well, we made it to Avalon safely last Saturday and had a great time spending time with family

and playing! The trip out there wasn't too terribly hard (don't even ask about our return trip though), but we were all excited to finally arrive and get settled. The weather was perfect all week, except one day, but we spent that day shopping and napping, so it worked out nicely.

All of the kids had a ball playing on the beach, with the exception of the two little ones, Preston and Henley. I think they both enjoyed the people watching, and Preston enjoyed the surf. However neither did well with the sand in their face, especially Preston who didn't understand that when he kept putting handfuls of it in his mouth.

Unfortunately Alex (my cousin's eldest son) wasn't able to be there this year since he is studying with a Yale summer program in Croatia. But the rest of the family was there, and we had a fun time each day. My cousin Debbie planned a delicious menu for the week and did most of the cooking for our large group (thanks Deb!!). And when the rest of could, we pitched in with drink specials, appetizers or desserts. Though I always hate to say good-bye at the end of the week, I know I need to so I can get back to a regular eating schedule that doesn't involve so much food and drinking (my liver needs a break)!

During the week, we celebrated my Uncle Jim's 70th birthday with the annual joke telling by him and my father. It is always the same, we gather around and listen to these dirty jokes that the two older men tell. Some are inappropriate, but we all laugh regardless. Something different we did this year was "date night." However, it was only the 3 youngest couples that partook in the fun. We went to a great little outdoor restaurant that was BYOB, and had way too much to drink without our children! Thank goodness our little ones were in good hands with all the grandparents, Debbie and the older children.

But most of our vacation was the same as it always is...daily morning walks, big breakfasts, trips to the beach, afternoon naps, cocktail hour and delicious dinners accompanied by more drinking and talking! Of course we had to do the annual mini-golf tournament (Steve won the entire thing!), a trip or two to the Avalon freeze for yummy frozen yogurt, and way too many trips to the liquor store. Though I went out there with high expectations of reading a book, I barely cracked it. I guess I didn't anticipate how much of my time would be spent watching my two little ones run around and stay safe.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the great memories! As always, our family had a wonderful time and is already looking forward to our trip back next summer! People here always ask why I travel so far to go to the beach, but I always tell them I go there because the town of Avalon is so quaint and cute, and all of my family that I love so dearly is there at the same time! I love you all, and am so thankful we got to spend another great week together!


Joy said...

I don't blame is worth the long trip. Great pictures.
Lawson's MeMe

Lisa said...

What wonderful memories! We always spend a week in Orange Beach (a much closer drive!) with Mark's family each year and those are wonderful memories! I love your pictures - what a sweet and beautiful family.

Chelsea said...

What wonderful pictures. Looks like you all had a fabulous time!

Courtney Long said...

great pictures! looks like a great time. had to google to double-check avalon was in nj. :)