Sunday, July 19, 2009

Preston at 10 Months

Happy 10th month birthday Preston! This past Thursday my little guy turned 10 months (hard to believe for me). He is slowly becoming more of a toddler and less of a baby and I hate it! I took him into the doctor on Thursday for his monthly vaccination and he officially weighed 22lbs. He has felt every ounce of it for several months, but wasn't quite there until recently. Though he has been a little cranky due to bad allergies and teething, he is still getting around good and entertaining himself pretty well.

He has been crawling for about a month, and pulling up for several weeks now. But just this week, he has begun pushing toys across the room and walking behind them, and walking around coffee tables. He is still not able to push his wagon (I think it is too fast for him), but items without wheels are his speciality. He is very strong, and he has pulled multiple things down on himself (but thankfully he hasn't done too much damage to himself, yet).

Overall he is eating well, and slowly starting to grasp the concept of table food, though he still prefers his baby food (and stage 2 at that). In that respect, he is still a baby....very lazy with his chewing and prefers for his feeding times to come easily.
He is still sleeping through the night (thank goodness), but hasn't been taking as long of naps as I would like. He still is taking two (a short morning one, and then a longer afternoon one), but he just fights them more. Overall, he is doing fabulous!


Dave Long said...

I can't believe your SECOND child is already 10 months old! Wow. We are still getting used to our first!

Mary Michael said...

Look at all his hair!! Lucy's did the same day we woke up and she had a head full of hair!