Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bennett's Babies

Ever since Preston came along, Bennett has been into her baby dolls. But over the past several months, her imagination has really started to grow and she is rarely without one of her dolls. In fact, she is especially fond of her Mimi's baby dolls (seen above). She imitates changing their diapers (while using real wipes and diaper cream), feeding them, and putting them to bed the same way we do it with Preston. With several of our friends pregnant, or with newborns, Bennett has been able to test out her "mothering" skills on REAL babies. In fact, last week Steve and Karen came over with their little bundle of job, Clem. Bennett loves "baby Clem," and really likes to hold him. It is so sweet to see her act like such a big girl. If only she was this kind to her little brother ALL THE TIME!

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