Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fun on the Lake

Let me preface this post by saying I failed to use my camera most of the weekend, and I feel badly that I didn't take one picture of my darling son....sorry Pres!

We returned earlier today from a fun weekend at my parent's lake house. Thursday we headed over with Brian and Shannon and their kids and enjoyed a long weekend drinking, eating and boating! The kids all played and had a fun time (even Spence)! The fun started almost instantly when Brian took Bennett and Christian out on the tube in back of the house to look for golf balls Thursday night. They found a ton of balls (even though the golf course is closed this summer due to the redoing of all greens).

Then later both the daddy's took the older two fishing. It was Bennett's first time and she even caught a fish! However the first thing she said was "I wan bigga fish!" Unfortunately they didn't have a camera to capture her first catch.

Since our last boating trip was a bit of a debacle, I was happy to have the extra hands on the boat so we could ski and actually enjoy ourselves. Since Steve worked on Friday, we were down one adult for the 4 children, so we didn't get to enjoy ourselves as much as we did on Saturday. Over the weekend, we all did a little skiing and/or knee boarding. The guys even took the older two on the tube for a ride Saturday.

Bennett had a blast riding on the tube. We could actually hear her laughing from the boat. However, Christian wasn't as excited to go, even after Brian's pep talk. I am not convinced that he enjoyed himself, but you can decide by looking at the pictures.....
Of course not all moments were happy ones. I realized after my first skiing experience that I had jumped in with my Maui's on and obviously lost them. What was worse though was Brian did the EXACT same thing on Saturday! UGH, two pairs of Maui's on the bottom of Lake Oconee!

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