Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Chicky!

My darling nephew, Christian (or "Chicky" as Bennett calls him), celebrated his 3rd birthday this weekend with a HUGE blow-up waterslide! All of his little friends were there, and the weather was nice, so it was perfect. Though Christian enjoyed going down it, I think Brian liked the slide the best! Thankfully he did too, because he had to take the majority of the kids down it. With some encouragement, Bennett went down solo, but she needed help getting up and didn't do it more than a couple of times.

After an hour or so of playing in the water, everyone came in for chili dogs and cake. Shannon made his darling cake once again, and boy was it tasty! In fact Bennett had two pieces! Though she and her cousins have an affinity for cake, Preston is more
fond of ice cream! So Steve fed him that in lieu of cake.

After the birthday party, we left with Preston, but left Bennett there for her first sleepover! She loves her Aunt and Uncle, so we didn't anticipate having any problems. However, she is accustomed to taking an afternoon nap, but since Christian doesn't...she didn't either! Instead, Brian and Shannon entertained her all afternoon with tons of activities (read their blog for more details and photos). She played so hard all day, and snacked on junk food her entire stay. We joked about her not wanting to leave when we came to get her this morning! But as we predicted, she was ecstatic to see her Daddy, with barely a kiss for me. Oh well.....

We weren't even out of their neighborhood when Bennett fell asleep in her carseat...she was just exhausted! So after her 3.5 hour nap, we blew up her trampoline in our media room for her to play in. It was a birthday gift from Nene and Poppy that we haven't even unpacked from the shipping box because the heat has been so bad. I finally caved and let her enjoy it in our house. She and Preston had fun bouncing around in it, and I am sure there are more fun times ahead!

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