Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Sleepover

Last night Bennett had her first sleepover...her cousin, Christian. We were a little worried that he might have some separation anxiety (since he is only 3 and has never been with just us for such a long time without his parents), but all went fairly well. Brian and Shannon both brought him inside and played with him for a moment to get him acclimated, then they snuck out. No we were off to a good start!

Shortly after they left, Christian said he had to use the restroom. Rather than standing, he sits on the toilets (since they are all too high for him anyway). Being my first time taking him to the bathroom, I don't believe I had the proper technique down. I just pulled his underwear and shorts down to his ankles and sat him on the toilet. I guess his legs weren't far enough apart, so his little private started shooting tee-tee all over the bathroom like a crazy firehose. I screamed and tucked the little guy into the toilet and then had to clean up. Unfortunately, poor little Christian had soaked his underwear, shorts and crocs. Thankfully Shannon packed a spare set of clothes.

Since both of our children nap, Steve got them down and took a break too. I played with Christian for the afternoon, before we all attended a birthday party for one of Bennett's little friends. It was at a place called Kids Gym, so they all got to run around and wear themselves out some. When we got home, we headed upstairs and prepared for bedtime. Books, more books, rocking, and then EVERYONE was asleep by 8:15. Ahh, peace and quiet!!

I went to sleep early, but unfortunately woke up to Christian screaming for me at 11pm. Knowing that he was probably scared I just grabbed him from the room and put him in our bed. Since he sleeps with his parents most weekends, I knew he would quickly fall asleep again and that was all I wanted. Unfortunately 30 minutes later Preston woke up and started crying. I kicked Steve, pinched him with my toes, called his name, but he was dead to the world. So I shook Christian off my arm and snuck out to help Pres back to sleep. Fortunately he fell asleep quickly so I returned to bed.

This morning we all woke up early and Steve made us chocolate chip pancakes before church! Then we all got ready and made it to church ON TIME, a Mizerany accomplishment regardless of how many kids we are toting! I had to volunteer in the nursery this Sunday anyway, so it worked out because Christian really didn't want me to leave him. Steve went to pray for us, while I tended to 20 two year olds with 2 other volunteers! By the time Steve returned, I was sweating and anxious to get out of there!

Once we got home, we had a mid morning snack and then Bennett and Christian started creating masterpieces! I think they will both be impressionist artists. When 2pm arrived, our children were WAY overdue for their naps, as were Steve and I. So we all laid down and relaxed for a couple of hours. It ended up being a great weekend, and I look forward to many more sleepovers with my niece and nephew in the future!


Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend, they are so cute together!! Betsy

Courtney Long said...

that little tan of bennett's is soo adorable! glad the sleepover went well!