Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Manic Monday!

Yesterday I awoke to Steve screaming, "it looks like a murder scene in here, wake up Julie!" When I got out of bed, it didn't take long to see all of the blood in our bed, on the floor and on the carpeting. It wasn't even 6:30am and this is how I was going to start my day.....just great! Of course Preston was already up, and I heard Bennett yelling for me, so I didn't know how I was going to get this room cleaned. I started off washing the hardwood floors, because that was the easiest thing to fix, then onto to bleaching all of our sheets (and hoping that the blood comes out), then I washed Spencer, and attempted the carpet. Since it took so long to clean two little spots, I decided to just hire a professional to come in and clean it.

To top this all off, Bennett woke up without much voice, so I started to panic that she might be starting to come down with the beginnings of Preston's sickness (even though she hadn't had any temperature). Of course, I didn't want it to develop into croup, so I immediately made a doctor's appointment for her. Thankfully he said she only had a minor cold, but he gave her a steroid pill to knock whatever she had and told me to give her some cough medicine.

The Lord must have known what a terrible day I had yesterday, so he blessed my kids and me with a GREAT night of sleep....we all awoke at 7:30 this morning! And it is gorgeous outside, so we are gearing up for some time outside, a walk with the family should perk everyone up (including Spence), and then some fun at the park before Bennett's dance class. Whew....I didn't know how this week was going to go with a crazy Monday like that, but I am optimistic now!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Sick Baby

My poor baby has been sick all week. Preston started off with a runny nose and slight cough last Friday, but by Monday morning he had a slight fever and his symptoms were getting worse. I kept him out of school that day, and as the day progressed, he got worse. By Tuesday morning his had a higher fever, and was "sick." Unfortunately the doctor told us it was only a virus, and there was nothing we could do except let it run its course for a few more days. Steve went out of town that day for the rest of the week, and it was a tough week without him. Poor little Pres just kept getting worse each day.

Now that he has passed the phase of not sleeping, and has gone back to liking his crib (thank goodness), we have been watching him sleep his regular 10 hours again. However, this week, he hasn't wanted to be put down. He wants to be held by me all day and night, which can become quite tiring, especially since he weighs 23 lbs and I have Bennett to chase after too. To top it off, he has refused to sleep in his crib, and instead just tosses and turns in our bed. I have gotten very little sleep this week too, as I am a wreck having him there in fear that he will just crawl right off the side in the middle of the night. So I tried to strategically place pillows, Spence and myself so we can barricade him in the middle of the bed. Thankfully he never fell off.

Yesterday, Steve took him back to our pediatrician when he got home and he was diagnosed with croup and an ear infection. Though I was saddened to hear this, I was happy to hear that it was something that we could now treat somewhat. He was given a steroid shot to loosen the constriction in his throat and an antibiotic for his ear infection. We snuggled with him again last night, and he awoke this morning without a fever.

We are hoping that he is on the road to recovery now, but please pray my baby gets well quickly, and that Bennett stays healthy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Movement to Music

Bennett's dance class started once again a couple of weeks ago, and her excitement each Tuesday is wonderful to see. As you may recall, she HATED dance class most of this summer, but towards the end she started to enjoy it. With the new session, there are some returning students as well as some new faces. At the first class there were several little ones that cried and carried on, much like she did several months ago. It was cute to see Bennett watch them and even attempt to hold their hands and get them involved (my how the tables have turned).

Anyway, I wanted to include a couple of photos and videos of her progress. Nothing too exciting, but cute to me.

This last video cracks me up because Bennett has figured out that she can see through the mirror if she puts her face up against the glass. As you will see, she sees me holding the camcorder, and actually says "cheese." She is a funny little girl!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Roll Tide!

This blog post in entirely dedicated to Steve's family, especially Uncle Dan!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preston is ONE!

I know people say it all of the time, but I SERIOUSLY can't believe that Preston is ONE today! It really feels like he was born just a few months ago. We still call him the baby, and I scold Bennett for doing mean things to him stating "he's just a baby Bennett." However, he isn't a baby anymore. He is becoming a little toddler, starting to walk, making lots of sounds, becoming defiant and developing quite the personality.

I truly tried to take it all in with him, not knowing if he would be my last child, but it has just flown by! I guess already having Bennett around, it just made us so much busier and unable to absorb as much as we wanted.

What I love about you Preston, is that wonderful smile that seems to be permanently on your face. You are such a happy little boy (except when Bennett terrorizes you). Like your sister was at this age, you are a fabulous eater ...enjoying just about anything we put in your mouth. You are a mover and a shaker (perhaps more like me), you rarely sit still. Though we would love for you to sit calmly and enjoy a book, you want nothing to do with it. In fact, the only time you do sit still is when you are taking a bottle. You are confident to accomplish things, whether it is crawling up the stairs by yourself, walking by age one (as you have done!), and getting your way (sometimes) with Bennett and us. I love that you reach for me whenever I am near, and snuggle into my neck often. I love that look of fascination in your eyes when you watch Bennett interact with us and Spence. I love all of those rolls...which are sadly starting to go away. But mostly John Preston...I just love YOU, and the smile you put on my face each and every day!

I love you Preston more than words can describe! We are so blessed to have you in our lives, and I can't wait to see what the rest of my life with you brings me!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Tonight we hosted our family for a birthday party for Preston. I can NOT believe that our little guy is going to be one year old on Wednesday! It was a lovely night considering how much rain we have had lately, so we were able to be outdoors for most of the night.

After a delicious dinner (if I can say so myself), we watched a short video of Preston's first year of life and then enjoyed cake and ice cream. We strapped Pres into his highchair and gave him his little smashcake. He acted a little timid with it at first, but Bennett showed him what to do while enjoying the icing herself. Since she has been asking for "chalklat birdday cake" for the past three days, she was anxious to sing to him and get the party started!

Once he had a good taste of the icing, it didn't take too long for him to tear into the cake. Of course, Spencer was circling his highchair like a piranha for any dropping, and boy did he score tonight! About every other bite Preston would feed himself, and then squeeze a piece of cake so hard that it would crumble out of his hands and onto the floor. I was pretty proud of myself for not making him wear a bib and not really stressing out while he was making a huge mess.

However, once he started putting his chocolate covered hands into his hair and ears, I had to strip him and bath immediately. He loves his baths so he didn't mind getting taken from his party for a brief time. He returned clean and in his PJs, and ready to open presents. Well, not
really....he watched as Bennett unwrapped all of his presents and started claiming them as her own.
Of course, tonight is just the beginning of his week long birthday celebration. Since he'll be at school on his birthday, I think I will send some cupcakes or cookies with him for his classmates to enjoy. Then he will have a "Daddy and Preston" night alone on Wednesday (since Bennett and I will be at church). He will also open our birthday presents to him on his actual birthday. Though he is too young to remember this memorable time in his life, I know he had fun!
We thank all of our family for being apart of his life and loving him!

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Night at the Mizerany's

After bathtime last night we pulled out the camcorder and tried to capture the kids doing their thing. We have a video of Preston walking, and one of the kids playing. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st Day of School

Last Wednesday the kids had their first day of "school." Bennett was excited, but I was worried about my little boy. He has been experiencing some separation anxiety lately, and hasn't been doing so well when I hand him off to the nursery volunteers at church, or to people he doesn't know real well. He is definitely a mama's boy (which I love right now), but he does need to grow so we enrolled him in 3 mornings a week. If you recall, Bennett only went 1 day a week, so this is a big change for us (though a welcome one for me).

Of course the morning was so chaotic, because I was packing for our weekend getaway to my parent's lakehouse in Georgia for Labor Day, and getting them ready for school, so I forgot to take their picture. I made a note to myself to not forget today (their 2nd day), but I again forgot! So I tried to pose them after school (note the food stains on Preston's shirt), which I know isn't the same, but it is as good as it gets over here!

Unfortunately Preston wasn't in the mood to be photographed today. He was so silly and wouldn't sit still for me! I kept trying to make him sit in his new chair (thanks Nene and Poppy) next to Bennett, but he kept hopping out...literally! He is still only taking several steps, and my hopes of him walking by next Wednesday are starting to fade. He is such a fast crawler, I don't know if he wants to walk. He is really good at holding our hands and walking pretty fast, but the minute we let go, he only takes 1 or 2 more steps and then plops down. Oh well, I guess he will walk when he is ready!
Bennett though has been happy to return to school. She also got several new pairs of shoes since they prefer the children to not wear sandals. On her first day, she wore a pair of hot pink mary janes...which she LOVED! As we were walking to the car that morning, she said "I wuv my pink shoos mama." Then today, she was running all over the house in her black ones because she loves the sound they make on the floor. She is ALL girl!