Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st Day of School

Last Wednesday the kids had their first day of "school." Bennett was excited, but I was worried about my little boy. He has been experiencing some separation anxiety lately, and hasn't been doing so well when I hand him off to the nursery volunteers at church, or to people he doesn't know real well. He is definitely a mama's boy (which I love right now), but he does need to grow so we enrolled him in 3 mornings a week. If you recall, Bennett only went 1 day a week, so this is a big change for us (though a welcome one for me).

Of course the morning was so chaotic, because I was packing for our weekend getaway to my parent's lakehouse in Georgia for Labor Day, and getting them ready for school, so I forgot to take their picture. I made a note to myself to not forget today (their 2nd day), but I again forgot! So I tried to pose them after school (note the food stains on Preston's shirt), which I know isn't the same, but it is as good as it gets over here!

Unfortunately Preston wasn't in the mood to be photographed today. He was so silly and wouldn't sit still for me! I kept trying to make him sit in his new chair (thanks Nene and Poppy) next to Bennett, but he kept hopping out...literally! He is still only taking several steps, and my hopes of him walking by next Wednesday are starting to fade. He is such a fast crawler, I don't know if he wants to walk. He is really good at holding our hands and walking pretty fast, but the minute we let go, he only takes 1 or 2 more steps and then plops down. Oh well, I guess he will walk when he is ready!
Bennett though has been happy to return to school. She also got several new pairs of shoes since they prefer the children to not wear sandals. On her first day, she wore a pair of hot pink mary janes...which she LOVED! As we were walking to the car that morning, she said "I wuv my pink shoos mama." Then today, she was running all over the house in her black ones because she loves the sound they make on the floor. She is ALL girl!


Lindsey Smith Photography said...

Can't believe that Pres is about to be one! Time sure does fly!!

Chelsea said...

Isn't school the greatest? Kids have fun and mom gets a much needed break.
Recognize those backpacks! :o)