Sunday, September 13, 2009


Tonight we hosted our family for a birthday party for Preston. I can NOT believe that our little guy is going to be one year old on Wednesday! It was a lovely night considering how much rain we have had lately, so we were able to be outdoors for most of the night.

After a delicious dinner (if I can say so myself), we watched a short video of Preston's first year of life and then enjoyed cake and ice cream. We strapped Pres into his highchair and gave him his little smashcake. He acted a little timid with it at first, but Bennett showed him what to do while enjoying the icing herself. Since she has been asking for "chalklat birdday cake" for the past three days, she was anxious to sing to him and get the party started!

Once he had a good taste of the icing, it didn't take too long for him to tear into the cake. Of course, Spencer was circling his highchair like a piranha for any dropping, and boy did he score tonight! About every other bite Preston would feed himself, and then squeeze a piece of cake so hard that it would crumble out of his hands and onto the floor. I was pretty proud of myself for not making him wear a bib and not really stressing out while he was making a huge mess.

However, once he started putting his chocolate covered hands into his hair and ears, I had to strip him and bath immediately. He loves his baths so he didn't mind getting taken from his party for a brief time. He returned clean and in his PJs, and ready to open presents. Well, not
really....he watched as Bennett unwrapped all of his presents and started claiming them as her own.
Of course, tonight is just the beginning of his week long birthday celebration. Since he'll be at school on his birthday, I think I will send some cupcakes or cookies with him for his classmates to enjoy. Then he will have a "Daddy and Preston" night alone on Wednesday (since Bennett and I will be at church). He will also open our birthday presents to him on his actual birthday. Though he is too young to remember this memorable time in his life, I know he had fun!
We thank all of our family for being apart of his life and loving him!

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Chelsea said...

What a great video. It really is such a miracle when you think about it. What a precious gift to me a mom. Your mom's reaction when you told them it was a boy is priceless!