Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Movement to Music

Bennett's dance class started once again a couple of weeks ago, and her excitement each Tuesday is wonderful to see. As you may recall, she HATED dance class most of this summer, but towards the end she started to enjoy it. With the new session, there are some returning students as well as some new faces. At the first class there were several little ones that cried and carried on, much like she did several months ago. It was cute to see Bennett watch them and even attempt to hold their hands and get them involved (my how the tables have turned).

Anyway, I wanted to include a couple of photos and videos of her progress. Nothing too exciting, but cute to me.

This last video cracks me up because Bennett has figured out that she can see through the mirror if she puts her face up against the glass. As you will see, she sees me holding the camcorder, and actually says "cheese." She is a funny little girl!

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