Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Sick Baby

My poor baby has been sick all week. Preston started off with a runny nose and slight cough last Friday, but by Monday morning he had a slight fever and his symptoms were getting worse. I kept him out of school that day, and as the day progressed, he got worse. By Tuesday morning his had a higher fever, and was "sick." Unfortunately the doctor told us it was only a virus, and there was nothing we could do except let it run its course for a few more days. Steve went out of town that day for the rest of the week, and it was a tough week without him. Poor little Pres just kept getting worse each day.

Now that he has passed the phase of not sleeping, and has gone back to liking his crib (thank goodness), we have been watching him sleep his regular 10 hours again. However, this week, he hasn't wanted to be put down. He wants to be held by me all day and night, which can become quite tiring, especially since he weighs 23 lbs and I have Bennett to chase after too. To top it off, he has refused to sleep in his crib, and instead just tosses and turns in our bed. I have gotten very little sleep this week too, as I am a wreck having him there in fear that he will just crawl right off the side in the middle of the night. So I tried to strategically place pillows, Spence and myself so we can barricade him in the middle of the bed. Thankfully he never fell off.

Yesterday, Steve took him back to our pediatrician when he got home and he was diagnosed with croup and an ear infection. Though I was saddened to hear this, I was happy to hear that it was something that we could now treat somewhat. He was given a steroid shot to loosen the constriction in his throat and an antibiotic for his ear infection. We snuggled with him again last night, and he awoke this morning without a fever.

We are hoping that he is on the road to recovery now, but please pray my baby gets well quickly, and that Bennett stays healthy.

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Courtney Long said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that! Hope he gets better soon, and you can get some rest.