Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preston is ONE!

I know people say it all of the time, but I SERIOUSLY can't believe that Preston is ONE today! It really feels like he was born just a few months ago. We still call him the baby, and I scold Bennett for doing mean things to him stating "he's just a baby Bennett." However, he isn't a baby anymore. He is becoming a little toddler, starting to walk, making lots of sounds, becoming defiant and developing quite the personality.

I truly tried to take it all in with him, not knowing if he would be my last child, but it has just flown by! I guess already having Bennett around, it just made us so much busier and unable to absorb as much as we wanted.

What I love about you Preston, is that wonderful smile that seems to be permanently on your face. You are such a happy little boy (except when Bennett terrorizes you). Like your sister was at this age, you are a fabulous eater ...enjoying just about anything we put in your mouth. You are a mover and a shaker (perhaps more like me), you rarely sit still. Though we would love for you to sit calmly and enjoy a book, you want nothing to do with it. In fact, the only time you do sit still is when you are taking a bottle. You are confident to accomplish things, whether it is crawling up the stairs by yourself, walking by age one (as you have done!), and getting your way (sometimes) with Bennett and us. I love that you reach for me whenever I am near, and snuggle into my neck often. I love that look of fascination in your eyes when you watch Bennett interact with us and Spence. I love all of those rolls...which are sadly starting to go away. But mostly John Preston...I just love YOU, and the smile you put on my face each and every day!

I love you Preston more than words can describe! We are so blessed to have you in our lives, and I can't wait to see what the rest of my life with you brings me!


Dave Long said...

Happy Birthday Preston! Holy cow its been a year!

Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday Preston!! I can't believe he is a year already. Time flies!