Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Parade at School

This morning I sent the kids off to school in their matching dinosaur costumes for their Halloween parade. Though both kids had a rough night and I felt they were on the verge of something, they still went to school. I asked Bennett over and over again if she wanted to stay at home with me, but she insisted on going. I should have followed my gut and made her stay at home, because I got a call around 11:30 that Bennett was asleep at the lunch table and Preston had diarrhea.

As I picked a sleeping Bennett up and carried her out of her classroom, she awoke and puked all over me and the floor of the nursery (and it stunk)! Thankfully I didn't have to clean it up. Both kids took long naps (a sign that something is definitely up), but awoke happy. I tried to feed them, but neither were interested. So I headed to my in-laws (who thankfully agreed to babysit them while Steve and I went to church for a class). They said both acted fine, but just before we left, Preston threw up all over the floor!

I swear, we a have had someone in our house sick for 5 weeks now! I keep thinking that we are rounding the corner, but then something like this happens. If you can, please pray that we get well. Sick kids are NO fun!!


courtney said...

oh, i saw the update from kadie about ya'll being sick. guess what? dave called me at 2:30am this morning and said lawson had it too. rough night, but he seems better this morning. good luck!

Lisa said...

They sure were cute!! I'm so sorry that they are sick. I remember those days where it seemed like someone was sick all the time!! I promise that these years pass quickly :-)

Chelsea said...

Poor little peanuts. You guys have had a rough go. Hopefully their little immune systems will just keep getting stronger with all these bugs. Hope you are all on the mend soon. At least you got a couple of pics in their cute costumes. Love that "party bus" Pres is riding in!