Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Today is Steve's birthday, and I am thankful that he is home to spend it with us (he has been traveling quite a bit with work)! Steve, we all love you so much and appreciate all that you do for us everyday. I know you have been working so hard lately, and I hope that you can find some time in the very near future to relax. We look forward to celebrating with you tonight and all weekend!


Lindsey Smith Photography said...

Precious!! That little look at the end is gonna keep him wrapped around her little finger for a long time!

Mizerany Family said...

Yeah, when he watched it, he had tears in his eyes. He loves that little girl!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Hope Steve had a wonderful day with his precious family! ( funny how candy is Always on childrens mind!! ) Love, Betsy