Thursday, October 15, 2009

Horsin Around

The past week it has rained EVERY single day, which is the worst thing for a mother of two ACTIVE children with a husband out of town. To top it off, I have been sick! So, let's just say this has been a horrible week.

My saving grace comes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when I take my kids to mother's day out. However, with Columbus Day this past Monday, there was no "school." I did utilize my in-laws (thank you Papa and Mimi), but for the point of the story I am still going to complain. Then on Wednesday I got a call from the director of the program telling me to come pick up my children because Preston had a fever and Bennett coughed so much she threw up (which really isn't anything out of the usual since she has been doing that since she was a baby, can we say melodramatic).

So as I was getting into the car, I called the pediatrician's office to make an appointment for both of them right then. I am sick of being SICK! Someone has been under the weather in our house for almost a month now, and it is getting real old. Though Steve is only here on the weekends lately, he managed to catch the "cough" Bennett caught from when Preston had croup. He has felt awful, yet has been forced to work 14+ hour days. Since he is so run down, he

will never get better! I always pride myself on never getting sick and having a strong immune system, but I guess after more than 100 coughs in my face, I was bound to catch something.

Both kids were tested for the flu (both were negative), and Bennett was tested for walking pneumonia (also negative), so I guess we are just going to have to suffer through this nasty bug some more. In the meantime, Bennett and I have been using the nebulizer to clear our lungs, and I must admit it is finally starting to work for Bennett (thank goodness)! So after dinner and baths, I let the kids jump on the bed to let out some of that pent up energy. They jumped and jumped until Bennett did a professional wrestling move and purposely jumped on top of Preston. He's a tough little boy, so there were no tears, but mommy can only take so much.

Anyway, Daddy is finally home, and now we are going to focus on hydrating ourselves and getting well. Thankfully the rain is supposed to be moving out tonight, so though the weather will be much cooler (in the 50s), it will be DRY! YIPPEE!!

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