Saturday, October 3, 2009

"I'm a Big Girl Now!"

The past couple of weeks Bennett has been using the toilet regularly to go potty. She takes off her own diaper and hops up onto our tall toilets all by herself. She has been motivated to use the toilet rather than her diaper because I have been rewarding her with candy. It has been working great! I was all set to dedicate next weekend to potty training, but she is really doing well by herself.

This past week she even was asking to use the toilet at school, staying dry all day (unless she is napping). Things have been going so well, that Bennett and I went shopping for "big girl panties" today. She got to choose the panties, and the winners were Tinkerbell and 101 dalmatians. We have been telling her how proud we are of her for using the potty like a big girl, so now she is calling herself a "big girl," so cute.

We had one pair of panties already, so I had dressed her in them this morning for a quick trip to the park. I made her tinkle before we left and then we went on our way. After playing for about 30 minutes I noticed her legs were wet. I asked her if she had gone potty, and she said "yes, I went tee-tee on the rocks mommy." Darn...our first outing without a diaper, and she already had an accident. So we headed home, changed clothes and put on a diaper.

We went to Brian and Shannon's house afterward for Henley's 1st birthday party, and she did great there, asking to use the toilet (but she had the diaper on for back-up). Oh well, I guess we'll try again tomorrow.

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courtney said...

Yea!! That's so awesome! It also makes me not feel so bad about Lawson -- since boys are supposedly a lot laggard on this than girls. He was interested a few months ago, but not so much now. I'm thinking we'll wait until after Christmas and then go for it.