Friday, October 9, 2009

Potty Training Update

I am happy to say that Bennett is pretty much potty trained! It has been so easy, and I couldn't be happier! I guess she was just ready. After that first tee-tee accident last Saturday at the park, she hasn't had anymore incidents with #1.

However, she had a little more difficulty with #2, and it was hard for us too. Since she doesn't have "regular bowel movements" we just had to wait for her to hide and try and catch it BEFORE she did something. She had accidents in her panties once daily for 4 days in a row, with the last day being yesterday. She was so upset that she poopied in her panties, she almost cried (even though I have never yelled at her during this past week for her accidents). She knew she needed to go in the potty, but we just didn't catch in time. So after that happened I bribed her with candy again, and said that if she went "poopie in the big potty, she would get 2 candies!" Well that was the ticket! She went off to school today and went in their potty all by herself, and then again tonight in our house!

I must say, we are so proud of her! She has been making it through her naptimes without diapers without any problem, and going all by herself during the day (without a lot of reminding from me). She takes off her own clothes, hops up on the potty, half wipes and flushes! She really has become a "big girl" right before our eyes this week! I am anxious for her to start waking up with dry diapers so we can get rid of that nighttime one, too but I am not upset about ONE diaper a day. I will take that any day!

Way to go Bennett!

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Joy said...

Wow, way to go Bennett!

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