Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bennett's 1st Dental Visit

Today Bennett had her first dental appointment. I was planning to go, and just take her to watch and get a feel for everything. But at the last minute, I added an appointment for her too. The entire visit went very well, she colored for a few minutes while we waited. Then we walked back and she sat on my lap while the hygienist cleaned my teeth. Robin, my hygienist, explained everything to her (in kid terms) as she was doing things. Bennett loves to understand how things worked, so I think she really appreciated the explanation.

Robin turned on cartoons, so during my cleaning, Bennett would watch some TV and keep an eye on what she was doing to me at the same time. When it was her turn, she immediately took my place, opened her mouth and cooperated. She loved the taste of her berry toothpaste and kept licking it off as Robin was applying it. So when it came time for her to squirt water in her mouth, and then suck it up with "Mr Thirsty," there wasn't much to remove.

But that was okay, because Bennett loved each little tool. She even sat there patiently while Robin gently flossed her teeth. When our dentist, Dr. Amanda Thompson, came in to inspect her little teeth, she got a great report: NO CAVITIES!


Chelsea said...

We haven't tackled that one yet. I know Wyatt will not be so cooperative. She looks so grown up in the chair. What a trooper. Not many people have such a smile on their face while getting their teeth cleaned! :o)

Mizerany Family said...

I guess she takes after me because I LOVE going to the dentist and the clean feeling on my teeth afterward!

Kelley said...

Yay! I'm so glad that it was a positive experience for her!

Courtney Long said...

wow - so brave!! love those pigtails!