Monday, November 30, 2009

Polar Express

This year our Sunday School class reserved an entire train car and took our children to visit Santa at the North Pole on the Polar Express. They ask that you dress your kids in their PJs, since the train ride was in the evening. The railway is in Calera, about 35 miles south of us so we packed snacks to get us by before we had our dinner and drove out there. All of the children were running around and excited for the expedition!

The conductor of the train was a pleasant man, who Preston had an interest in and kept chasing up and down the aisle. Thank goodness we had the whole train car for our class because the kids were running wild! They told some type of a Christmas story over the PA system, but we couldn't hear any of it (which is fine). Once we arrived at the North Pole, the kids could see Santa and Mrs. Claus waving to everyone amongst the array of Christmas blow-up items (snowmen, reindeer, etc). I was expecting it to be more magical, perhaps throw some fake snow over the grass, make more of an effort than blowing up cheesy snowmen, but it wasn't. Thankfully Bennett and Preston weren't disappointed.

Bennett was so excited to see Santa, as we have been preparing her for this train ride for weeks. Once we arrived, a couple of elves walked down the aisles chatting to the kids and asking them what they wanted for Christmas. Of course, Bennett asked for a car and a vacuum (the same 2 items that she has been talking about for over a month). Though she talked to the elves, she was looking forward to seeing Santa up close and was more anxious for that.

Santa certainly didn't disappoint with his looks. He was a large, jolly ole fella with a bid rotund belly and shiny black boots. Bennett and Preston both just stared at him in amazement. We were expecting Pres to scream, but he was fixated with him. Since we were third from the end of the entire train, Santa and Mrs. Claus were running out of time so we didn't have much time to chat, just pose for a couple of photos.

So when they left the train to walk back to their post to wave good-bye Bennett started to cry. She was whining "bye bye Santa", and asking for her vacuum. I think she expected him to give it to her right then and there. I had to explain that she had to behave for another month to see if his elves would make it and he would deliver it.

Thankfully the tears were minimal and we were able to go meet some of our friends for a casual dinner before going home and to bed. A group of 25 of us went to grab my favorite...Mexican food!

Then when we got home, the kids got to admire our own Christmas decorations that Steve and I had put up while they were napping. Already Preston is messing with the ornaments on the tree, but this year we were smart and bought all shatter-proof ones. I must admit that I like the uniform look of our tree this year, rather than having all of the hodge-podge ornaments that have been given to Steve and me from our parents.

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Chelsea said...

What a cute idea! Wyatt would have LOVED the train ride. Such a fun way to celebrate the holiday, even with no snow!