Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another Dusting

This morning we awoke to a light dusting of snow. It was only the 13th time in the past 109 years, and my third time in 3 years (so much for global warming). After we bundled up, the kids and I (including Spence) walked a couple of blocks to watch the Homewood Santa Parade. Thankfully it wasn't as long as Peoria's parade because it was colder here this morning than it was in Peoria.

As soon as we got to our chosen destination, Bennett wanted out so she could start collecting candy. However, instead of putting into a bag, she decided to eat each piece she picked up. After a couple of pieces, I told her "no more" which went over like a ton of bricks. Preston is my child with the biggest sweet tooth (not that Bennett doesn't like sweets, he just likes them SOOO much more), so when he saw what Bennett was eating...he wanted some too. So by 9:30 both of my children were on complete sugar highs (which was on top of their waffles and syrup earlier)!

Since they both enjoyed suckers, and the drool from them went all over their hands, face, coats, etc, we left as soon as we spotted Santa and came home to shower. Steve went to the SEC Championship game in Atlanta today, so we were on our own. Staying home all day doesn't bode well for my nerves, nor the kid's so we did a little Christmas shopping and then went to lunch. Bennett ordered a pizza, and ate the entire thing, while Preston slept on the seat of the booth through most of the lunch.
We made it home just in time for naps, and for me to watch the AL-FL game. Roll Tide Roll!

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