Thursday, December 17, 2009

Betty Crocker...I think NOT!

Today we were stranded in the house. Steve's car was getting some body work done so he took my car to work, leaving the kids and me with the stroller. I thought we might venture out, but after both kids woke up coughing and with runny noses...I decided it was best to just stay inside. As you know from previous posts, a day home with my two kids is torturous without lots of activities.

So after our breakfast routine, we showered (I was hoping that would help their didn't). Then Bennett and I made Christmas cookies. They were made for Preston's class Christmas party tomorrow, which I doubt he'll be able to attend. We made the dough and did the cut-outs and baking in the morning. Then napped and did the decorating this afternoon. As you can see, I am not Betty Crocker. Though the cookies look awful, they taste pretty good. Thankfully the audience tomorrow (a bunch of one year olds) shouldn't mind what they look like!

Two weeks off from our mothers day out program....what shall we do????


Kelley said...

The cookies look great, Julie! We did miss you yesterday in music, but totally understand-- and thank you for not spreading germs...have you pickled B & P in Vick's? It ALWAYS helps Hudson, I use Baby Vick's and put it on the bottom of his feet with socks...amazing I tell you....

Mizerany Family said...

I have been using humidifiers with vicks pads that you put inside to fill the room with their magical air, as well as cough medicine and vicks rub on them. Unfortunately they are still so congested. Since they don't know how to blow their noses or cough it up (and out), they swallow it and it is in their chests. Yuck!