Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Miracle

It was a Christmas miracle this morning when we went to visit Santa and neither child cried. The line was somewhat long, so we didn't know what to expect since we had been at church all morning, and both kids were ready for lunch and a nap. But we were happily surprised when Bennett walked right up to him, and Preston just stared at him while Steve lifted him into his lap.

All was going well until Santa began talking to Pres, then he wanted down and fast! Bennett stayed up there while he tried to talk to her, but she became shy and clammed up. We had been rehearsing for a week what she was going to tell Santa, and how she was going to leave him cookies on Christmas Eve, but we got nothing. Oh least there wasn't a huge meltdown.

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Chelsea said...

That is a miracle! Last year they were both crying, right? I didn't even attempt one this year. Santa is coming to his school this week and I figured that would be traumatic enough!