Friday, December 11, 2009

A New Year, A New Chapter

We are happy to annouce that Steve has accepted a new job that he will be starting a week from Monday! He was approached by his old mentor back in July, and the details and offer were finally agreed upon back in November. Though he had a great run with his last job at Brice Building, he is excited for the challenge that KBR will offer him.

KBR is a global engineering and construction company that bought out a local construction company (BE & K) a couple of years ago. They are based in Houston, but are starting up a power division that will be located here in Birmingham. Steve will be doing business development for that new area, something that he has done before and enjoyed. He will be traveling some, but his territory has not been hammered out completely so we are unsure how often and to where.

This new career change is something that should offer him many opportunities in the future, and we are all thrilled! For those few people who knew this was in the works, we thank you for your prayers and support.


Chelsea said...

Wow, congrats Steve! That's great news. Any chance you guys could get a transfer to Texas?

Mizerany Family said...

No, it is doubtful that KBR would transfer him since this division is based here. The only way we would move from here is if he took a different job sometime in the future. However, we don't anticipate anything like that happening for over 5 years (if ever). Steve will definitely be traveling to Texas, so I hope to tag along at some point in the future.