Thursday, December 24, 2009

Three Christmases

One down, two to go! Last night was like something I haven't seen before....presents stacked higher than the children and then wrapping paper that covered the floor of our living room! It was so crazy with the 4 little ones tearing into their presents, enjoying each one briefly before opening the next one.

Steve and I started off with a camera and video recorder in hand, but the chaos was too much and we had to step in and man our children. Bennett was the worst of the four, not sharing anything that she received, and claiming everything of the other's. Poor Preston kept crying because he wanted to look at some of her goods, but she wouldn't let him near it. Henley stood around in amazement of everyone, and Christian played each person their gift. There were a lot of sweet moments that I failed to get on camera, like Bennett and Henley sitting together in a chair holding their new babies from Nene and Poppy, Preston offering kisses to everyone, the smile on Christian's face when we told him the gift he was holding was actually for him, and then Bennett trying to steer her new motorized car in the dark with Christian co-piloting. Though it was a little much, when I sit down and just think about those little things, it melts my heart. I am so glad that my kids have all of their cousins in the same city, and that Christian and Henley are so close in age to my kids. We have so much fun in store!!

After the gift exchange, we sat down, drank some wine and had dinner. Steve and I made pork tenderloin, scalloped dijon potatoes and corn. Then we had chocolate cake and cookies for dessert...yummy! Anyway, I think all of the Banta's had fun, and it certainly put a different light on what our holidays are going to be over the next few years.

Tonight, we are going to the children's service at church, and then to the Mizerany's for Christmas #2! More stories and photos to come....

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