Saturday, December 26, 2009

Three Christmas...The Final One!

Wow, we made it through Christmas! I hope all of you reading this enjoyed your Christmas as much as we did! It was so nice to have another relaxing day. Though our day began early once again, thanks to Pres, it was a pleasant one. Bennett awoke later than usual, closer to 8am, and we began our final day of Christmas. Steve went up to get Bennett and she came down and inspected her bowl that she left out for Santa. He ate all of the cookies, leaving only crumbs.

Both kids were timid about opening their first presents, but after a little assistance from Poppy, Preston was the first one to tear into one. He received a little tool case which was a hit with both kids. So much so, that they needed coaxing to keep opening presents (I guess this was a HUGE sign that they had received enough). Anyway, Bennett chose the biggest box under the tree with her name on it to open first and she was very excited to get a chest with three new princess dresses. Since she received several new dress-up items last night, we now had the perfect place to store it all!

Even Spencer got to partake in the fun and enjoy his own special treat....a big bone! He carried that darn thing around the house all day long he was so proud of it.

In fact, the other man of the house got a couple of new things himself. He was so generous with me, and though we gave him a new briefcase for his new job, I wanted to get a couple of things that he has been dropping hints about (a pocket camera and a piece of luggage). All three of these items will be perfect for his new job since he'll be on the road.

Even though fun was had by all, naps had to be taken so we could recharge and play with all of the toys! Preston fell asleep so hard on top of his stuffed animals in his bed...poor baby. But he felt so much better afterward, and really enjoyed his ride in Bennett's new car.

Now I think you can tell by my photos that these two kids LOVE their new car. Poppy did research on this purchase because he wanted to make sure the car had enough power to drive in the grass (since we really don't have much of a driveway). We only asked that it be a two seater, but this one has two speeds, goes in reverse and has a "trunk" in the back for Bennett to put all of her things. Since she always is carrying something, this works perfectly! Today she put her purse in the back while she gave Pres the ride of his life! It was so stinking funny to watch them drive in circles because Bennett does NOT know how to steer yet. We finally taught her how to take her foot off the pedal when we yell stop, but she doesn't quite understand that the fence, tree, tiki torches or people are not always going to be able to move out of her way.

After naps we went back to the Mizerany's house for a big feast. My parents came with us and we all stuffed ourselves. They left to go see a movie, while we stayed there and let the kids play with their cousins some more. When Preston started to show the signs of exhaustion, we packed up and headed home. Another great day spent with family, and watching my children laugh and smile. What more could I ask for?

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Chelsea said...

Merry Christmas! Glad you enjoyed your holiday with your family. You sure had a lot of celebrations.

Wyatt loved the video of the kids in their car. Looks like Bennett ran over the cameraman!