Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kid's Day Off

Monday the kids didn't have school, so we joined some friends at the McWane Science Center! I guess everyone else with young children had the same idea because the place was slammed! To top it off, my children did not want to play in the same areas, or with the same things, so I was constantly running from one end of the room to other. Thank goodness I had an extra set of eyes from my friend, because Preston kept trying to escape from whatever room we were playing in at the time! I love that child, but he was going 150 mph the whole time!

We started off playing in an oversized maze (well I didn't, but they did). Preston loved climbing up the stairs and sliding down the slide. But I had to enlist Bennett's help to get him out of there. Then I directed the kids over to the water station. Before I could even get the rubber apron on Pres, his sleeves were completely soaked and he was splashing around like crazy. Even when I got the apron on, it didn't help much because he kept trying to take it off and climb into the water basin! Meanwhile my little girl is playing nicely in the water, not making a mess, just enjoying it. All I can say is the older he gets, the more differences I can see between Pres and Bennett. He is such a BOY, which I guess is good since he is a boy, but my goodness.

The trip there ended with a photo of the kids sitting with Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat. Since Bennett asks to watch George daily, I knew she would be excited to see him. And she was while she was standing in the line,... until it was her turn. Then she started to get tense, and almost refused altogether. Thankfully Pres just hopped up on the bench, easing Bennett enough to get a couple of photos of her looking totally miserable. Another one for the memory books I guess!

Anyway, after a short two hour visit, the kids were exhausted (as was mommy), so we headed home to have lunch and take naps. If their three hour naps were any sign of how much fun they had, then they had a ball!!

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