Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lucky 13!!!

Tonight Alabama won the National Championship game, beating Texas in what became a slight nail biter at the end. Though we weren't in Pasadena to see the game in person, we were all there in spirit dressed in our crimson! I must admit I took a short nap during the third quarter, but for those who didn't rest your eyes, you must admit it was a sloooow quarter. Anyway, the Mizerany household couldn't be happier for the BIG WIN!! Though Saban was ticked off when a couple of his players dumped red gatorade on him at the end, I am sure he will reflect back on it and chuckle.

37-21 was the final score, but after Alabama was up so much at the half, we got cocky and thought we had it in the bag. The players became complacent, and Texas came out of nowhere and starting scoring with their back-up quarterback. Bama had to stick it to them at the VERY end and let them know who was boss! Thank goodness they were able to pull it off and bring home their 13th National Championship!

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