Saturday, February 27, 2010

Busy Bees....

Ok it is about noon as I am writing this, and I just want to give you summary of what we have done so far today:

5:30 - Steve and I awoke
6:30 - Bennett & Preston awoke, then watched a little of a cartoon
7:00 - Both kids had light breakfast while Steve and I enjoyed our coffee
7:10 - Started 1st load of laundry, and put away laundry from last night's load
7:30 - Vacuumed first floor
7:45 - Washed bottles and sippy cups and started dishwasher
8:30 - Got dressed for breakfast out
9:00 - Ate yummy breakfast at Chappy's
10:00 - Preston had his FIRST haircut (read next blog)
10:45 - Bought liquor at ABC Store
10:50 - Bought lock for pantry (read previous blogs about my frustration with Pres)
10:55 - While driving home we spotted 3 ponies and stopped so the kids could pet them
11:15 - Got home and turned on shower so we could get the hair off of all us
11:16 - Preston entered shower fully clothed while we weren't watching (serves us right...)
11:20 - Showered
11:45 - Bennett painted and I unloaded dishwasher, while Steve drilled the pantry door (Preston helped)
12:15 - I began writing this blog, while the kids are running wild


Chelsea said...

I love that buying liquor is on the "to do" list ahead of shower. HA! :o)

Mizerany Family said...

Priorities Chels....