Monday, February 22, 2010

My Wild Man!

As you know, Preston loves to sing. He has been singing a couple of songs for months, but now he is singing "Old McDonald," "Ring Around the Rosie," and starting to talk more and more. He can say about 20 words: mama, dada, dog-dog, baba, bye-bye, night-night, up, hot, no, that, mine, yogurt, vitamin, cookie, etc, and says a couple of sentences that he uses quite often: "I want up" and "I want that."

It so unbelievable to me that my "baby" isn't a baby anymore. He is becoming a little toddler and it makes me so sad. He still loves to snuggle when he is tired or sick, but he is otherwise a complete madman, going 120 mph at all times! It is so hard to believe that he will be 18 months old in just a few weeks (where has the time gone?). But then he is such a daredevil and it shocks me that we have kept him pretty well intact these past few months.

He is a huge climber (as seen above) and is now able to open some of the doors in our house. Like Bennett, his favorite door to open is our pantry where he will just stand and shout "I want that" while pointing at something unhealthy. He also likes to get into our baking supplies which I have on a roller cart inside the pantry. Everything on the cart is at his level, so he gets into it all, and has dumped my flour countless times (I have finally wisened up and moved that bag higher in the closet).

He and Bennett are finally getting to the stage where they get along better, though I have to admit that they fight over something at least daily. But it is so sweet to watch them interact with one another. Bennett loves to go into his room first when he wakes up from a nap, and I hear her ask him "Did you have a good nap buddy?" It is obviously something that she has heard me say, but listening to her say it cracks me up. Then last week, the three of us were at church for dinner (Steve was out of town), and she wanted to sit next to him so she could feed him. It was so sweet because she shared everything on her plate with him, and they were both so well-behaved. I was shocked, but it was such a nice way to enjoy dinner. It was much like this video taken tonight.

Anyway, with the weather finally a little warmer, we have been taking walks a few times a week again, and the kids just love it. Bennett jabbers about something the entire time, and Preston just sits and watches it all go by. This should be a fun and exciting summer with the two of them!

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Mary Michael said...

They are both so sweet Julie! Lucy is doing all the same things as Preston minus the singing (which I am still very impressed with) Its such a fun stage!!