Thursday, February 11, 2010


Thursdays for our family are the ONLY day we typically have nothing we have to do. I sometimes have errands, but I try to postpone them to other days and spend Thursdays doing something fun with the kids. Within the past month, I joined a mom's club. It is comprised of mothers of young children that live in three nearby communities, but primarily Homewood, so it has been great. They have a very active calendar, offering something to do for stay-at-home moms almost every weekday (why didn't I learn of this club a year ago??) Since my kids go to "school" three days a week, we don't participate in much, but there is always something on a Thursday, so that has been our new outlet. However today we had a playdate with Shannon and the kids.

The cousins exchanged homemade valentine day cards (which were very cute), and then we walked over to the Homewood Library for storytime. Unfortunately neither of my kids were interested, which shocked me since Bennett loves to read. She was much more interested in doing puzzles. Lately Preston can't be contained unless doors are closed, and since they didn't lock the kids in the room, he was off and running! He was climbing on the stools so he could check out the animals (they have frogs, gerbils, birds and a tarantula), pounding on the computers, carrying puzzle pieces all over and just running. He is a handful, and really hard to manage in an environment like that. Thankfully there were a ton of other children there, so he blended in better than he typically does.

We finally rounded up the kiddos and headed to lunch. Bennett and Preston are so cute together, and I think they really enjoy hanging out. Since we both had to park so far away, we made the older two hold hands so Shannon and I could each carry the little ones. Then they wanted to sit next to one another in the booth. That started off fine, but we could tell that they were going to get into trouble, so we separated them. We are so lucky to have them here, and I am hoping that we'll get to see more of them since Shannon joined the Mom's Club too! Yeah!

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Mary Michael said...

Tell me more about this Mom's Club??