Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Snowstorm of 2010

All week we have had snow in our forecast, but as I usual, I didn't expect it. Steve always jokes with me about going to the store to buy milk and bread, and I just shake my head. Who is going to survive on milk and bread anyway, especially in this household when Preston is the only one who even drinks milk! Instead what I did was go to Costco to fill up my tank of gas, buy a case of beer, a few bottles of wine and a variety of meat to restock our freezer! (It was something on my "to do" list anyway, but I'll say I did it because of the huge snowstorm).

So far this year, we have been told by our wonderful weathermen that snow was coming a couple of times. So the local schools cancelled classes, and one time TWO days in advance! I understand that the state is not equipped to handle a huge snowstorm, and that the schools don't want the liability (even though most of them don't have a bus system that gets the children to and from school), but come on! Why can't they just wait and see what happens and then let out early if need be. It was as if they heard my pleas, because today they didn't cancel school initially, but instead decided to let out early (11:30) once the snow started to move into the area. So I had a couple of hours to run errands and work out before getting the kids. the snow began mid morning, and kept snowing all afternoon. It was so pretty, huge snowflakes!

Pres came home from school tired and out of sorts, so we put him down early for his nap. Then Bennett, Steve and I ate lunch before getting a surprise visit from Sara and Maria (our nieces). They were out enjoying the snow and wanted Bennett to come out and play. So we all bundled up and built snowmen and had a snowball fight. It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon! One of Bennett's friends, Lily, even walked over to partake in the fun!
After an hour or so, we came in to dry off and relax. Right as we put Bennett down for her nap, Preston awoke from his with a fever. Initially he acted okay, so I wasn't too concerned. But it didn't take long for him to start getting a little fussy, and before I could do anything, he threw up all over himself. So Steve and I did damage control, and then put him in the shower. He once again seemed happy and better, but again he went downhill quickly and started getting fussy and only wanted me to hold him. My back started to hurt, so I passed him off to Steve, but he cried so hard he threw up again. So we cleaned up that mess, changed his clothes again, and then I sucked it up and help him for the next couple of hours. The poor little guy was so pitiful. Finally after several hours, he perked up a little and kept down some gatorade and crackers.
Both kids are finally down at the same time, and my bedtime is rapidly approaching as well. So as much as we enjoyed the early part of the day, I am thankful the day is over. Since it is supposed to warm up some tomorrow, we don't expect the snow to last long. That is the best part of snowstorms in the south...they usually don't stay around for more than a day!

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