Tuesday, March 16, 2010

18 Months Young

I can NOT believe that Preston is 18 months today! He is growing like a weed and talking more and more as the days pass. He has 8 teeth and has 3 molars coming in right now! He is still the WORST eater, only eating a variety of breakfast foods, mac-n-cheese, chicken nuggets, fries/tator tots and crackers. I still feed him at least one jar of baby food a day for his fruits and veggies.

But this boy brings so much energy and love to this household! He and Bennett have a true love-hate relationship, and can carry on conversations. She seems to understand what he is saying as much as I can, so that helps ease his frustration. He is learning to stack things better, and can identify some body parts, and is as defiant as ever....so staying on track with his milestones.

Unfortunately he has had the flu the past couple of days, but that hasn't stopped my little man from enjoying his 1.5 year old birthday. He is still as wild and happy as ever! We love you Pres!

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