Wednesday, March 31, 2010

School Easter Parties

Today was a busy morning...TWO school Easter parties! Thank goodness the kids go to same school so I could attend both!

Bennett's party was first, starting off with an Easter egg hunt, followed by lunch back in the classroom. She has been looking forward to it all week! She did well gathering eggs, but was much more excited about the contents. In fact, when we got home, that is all she wanted to every egg and hope for candy. When they got back in the classroom, the kids sang the cutest little prayer before eating.

Next up was master P and his party. In typical fashion, he boycotted most of the party food...sandwiches and fruit, and only eating the cake (surprise!). The teachers had to supplement his lunch with one of his staples, crackers. He was happy at the party, when I looked into his room, but as soon as I walked in...he started fussing and wanted to be held (can we say rotten?).

After lunch, they went out to hunt for eggs. It is so funny the way they "hide" the eggs, so obvious and just out there for the kiddos to pick up. I was worried that Preston wouldn't know what to do, but he did just fine. He picked up several, but after squeezing one that wasn't put together tightly, he realized there was stuff inside and the game was over.

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