Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Party with Friends

The children obviously didn't have school today in observance of "Good Friday." So several of my friends decided to get our children together for a party. We dyed eggs, had a picnic lunch, then hunted Easter eggs. With beautiful 80 degree weather, what more could we ask for today?

We brought old t-shirts for the kids to wear while they dyed the eggs, even though that didn't guarantee that their hands wouldn't be stained for Easter Sunday. Then we spread them out on blankets in the yard to eat their lunches while the mommies enjoyed a mimosa or two. It really was a perfect way to spend a Friday morning.

All of the kids had fun playing together while we hid Easter eggs for them to "hunt." Unfortunately, Preston was acting tired and crabby, so I had Steve come get him before he could find eggs.

Fortunately Bennett found several eggs. Since she isn't as assertive as the older kids that were there, she only got half as many as them. Which in the end, really worked out for us since she was eager to eat whatever candy was inside each and every one of them before we went home.

All and all, it was a perfect day! Really, what better way to spend a beautiful day than outside with good friends!

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