Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good-bye Winston

Today is a very sad day for the Bantas because my parents had to make the difficult decision to put their beloved chocolate lab down. Winston has been apart of our family for 13 years, beginning his life with Brian at Ole Miss. That dog started off chewing on every piece of furniture he owned, drinking beer and running wild through his neighborhood, to sleeping in my parent's bed, eating microwaved food, carrots for snacks and hunting with my father on the weekends. He had

a helluva life, and will missed by all of us deeply.

Over the years, he lived with Sassy, Daisy and most recently Jake (three of my parent's dogs), but was always my father's favorite.

He was also loved dearly by both Shelby (my former weim), and Spencer. He and Spence have spent many a days together laying around, and are big buds. I can't imagine how shocked Spencer will be when we return to Peoria this summer and his cousin isn't there.

We love you Winston, may you rest in peace and keep Shelby company in doggie heaven.

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