Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary Miz!

Today Steve and I celebrate our 4th anniversary! He is the love of my life, caring and patient with me, and attentive and doting to our children....what more could I ask for? We celebrated our anniversary two days ago by going out for dinner at Hot and Hot Fish Club, one of our favorite places. We enjoyed a tasty dinner on their patio and discussed our past, present and future. We talked about how blessed we are, and then daydreamed about what we hope to attain over the coming years.

Tonight, Steve leaves for his "Walk to Emmaus" weekend (what I did back in January). So though we won't be together, he should come back looking at things in a different, better light which should strengthen our marriage even more. What a great anniversary gift.

I love you Miz (yes people, I call my husband Miz)!


Lisa said...

I can't wait to hear about his weekend. Mark went on his 45th birthday and he said it was the best birthday present ever. I imagine Steve will say that this is the best anniversary present ever!!

Mizerany Family said...

I sure hope so Lisa...please pray for him.