Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Thank you Jesus! What a wonderful end to the Lenten season. We enjoyed another gorgeous day, meaningful church service and tasty lunch at the Mizerany's! We had a great weekend, relaxing and spending time with family and friends! Before church this morning, Bennett inserted a tulip from our yard into the tall flower cross in front of our church. Afterward we tried to get a family photo and then one of just the kids, but as you will didn't turn out too well. Lately Bennett has been acting goofy every time we pose for a photo.

Since Pres slept at church, we headed to the Mizerany's for a big Easter lunch right away. We all filled our bellys and then the kids went out to enjoy the day. Abby, one of their cousins, was so sweet and thoughtful and brought an entire basket of stuffed eggs for the kids. She then took it upon herself to hide them all and help them find them. They had a ball scouting them out, and eating the candy inside of them.

Preston has quickly learned that there are prizes inside each one, and that is the only thing he is interested in anymore. That child inherited my sweet tooth and just LOVES candy!

We knew the sugar high was going to wear off, so headed home for naps. Bennett couldn't even make it home, passing out within minutes. Pres, on the other hand, was all hyped up and slower to wind down. Then it was time for Steve and I to enjoy down time....perfect end to a great weekend!

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courtney said...

Lawson had that same Feltman Bros outfit - I love it!