Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Did It Again

A couple of weeks ago Steve and I began talking about getting a playset for the backyard. It is something I always said I wouldn't agree to since we have two parks within 2 blocks of our house. However, I have once again gone back on my word, and succumbed to the pressure from Steve. We decided it would be a joint birthday gift for the kids this year, but we wanted to get it early enough for them to enjoy while the weather is so pleasant.

So after much debating on the location, measuring, and speaking to Alabama Power....we bit the bullet. We went with a nice cedar playset from my favorite multi-purpose store, Costco. After reading the reviews of what a nightmare it is to put together, we hired a company to deliver and set it up. I must say, it was the best money spent yet! We purchased it Friday, they delivered it yesterday, and had it set up by 2pm today! Now that is service!

After naps, the kids ran out there and had a ball! As expected, they loved hanging out in the clubhouse. Bennett also loved the picnic table that came with it, and insisted on eating dinner out there (we didn't, even though she begged). Preston is climbing up and down stairs well, so he can walk down from our deck by himself and run out to the playset and climb up the ladder safely. He is still a little intimidated by the slide, and prefers a hand to hold, but he is loving the independence he has in the yard.

We are hoping that this playset will be enjoyed by them (and their friends) for years to come. But it should also offer us the ability to work in the yard, which we enjoy doing, while they play. Happy kids = happy parents!


Mary Michael said...

Yay...that was fast! LOVE the pic of Preston, he looks completely estatic! :)

Joy said...

I know they will love it. We have one in our yard for the Grands and it gets lots of use. Lawson has had one in a box in the basement for about a month. He is getting it for his birthday and we will help put it together after the yard renovations. This will be our 4th one to put together.
Court and I discussed how beautiful your children are on the way to the A Day game Saturday.
Lawson's MeMe