Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Preston's Summer Haircut

Today I took my little man to get a haircut, and I asked the stylist to cut it shorter on top so I could put product in it and style it more. She initially gave him a mohawk, but it didn't stay up too well. I guess I will need to train his hair.

I laughed so hard initially, as he looks so different to me. But since Steve won't allow me to do anything even slightly different to his hair than what he has had the past 20 years, I had to do it to my baby boy.


Kelley said...

Hudson always rocked a faux hawk---I think it is adorable---and I'm even combing Lois Anne's that way since her tiniest bows are too heavy right now!

Mary Michael said...

He does look different or older and a stinkin spitting image of Steve! He's such a cutie!

Mary Michael said...

Preston that is, although Steve is quite handsome too! (Didn't want you thinking I was calling your husband a cutie!) :)