Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

We just returned from a long weekend at Reynolds Plantation with friends, and are now settling back into our routine. We went over with some friends and their little girl, and had a good time hanging out and being on and around the water for several days. Steve left work a little early on Thursday and drove over with us that afternoon so we could all have 4 full days with each other, and our friends arrived later that night.

(above: trying on life preservers...they work!)

We started off like we do for most vacations, enjoying the first night a little too much (if you know what I mean). Going to bed late after a few adult beverages made it tough for us to catch up on sleep for the rest of the weekend, but it was worth it! We had pretty weather for the most part, so we were able to stay active outside....which is needed when you have three young kids full of energy. The first day we all got acclimated to swimming and being around the water (since it was our first day of the summer with pools open), and spent a couple hours at the club pool.

Saturday, we got up and had a little exercise. It was a little cooler so we went for a walk. Then we got the boat out and took the kids on the tube. Lily and Preston had fun, but Bennett decided she didn't want to go. Since it was hot if you were not in the water, we decided to put the boat away, and we went to the neighborhood pool to play for awhile longer. After getting cheered on, Bennett started jumping off the side of the pool on her own, and attempting to swim to the side of the pool. We were excited to see this since the kids start swim lessons Tuesday.

Sunday was the only day that showered off and on, so we took turns on the waverunner in between the rain. This ended up being the most fun for the kids (too bad we didn't try it out sooner). In between all of the water activities, the girls enjoyed painting, playing "go fish," and watching movies. Pres just entertained himself exploring the house, and spotting ducks outside.

Today we just laid low and cleaned up the house before heading home. It was a great getaway, and we had a lot of fun with our friends. Thanks Mom and Dad for sharing your house once again!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It Is All About Bennett

Today is Bennett's 3rd birthday! It is hard to believe my little girl is already 3. She has been a blessing to us, and I am so lucky to have a beautiful, loving little girl who loves life! Since we elected to not have a birthday party that included her friends, and Steve has been traveling quite a bit this month, we decided to do something different. Each of us chose something to do alone with her.

Friday, Steve took Bennett to see the new Shrek movie after school. She was so excited, and did great for the first 45 minutes. However he thinks she got scared, or grew bored because shortly thereafter she wanted to leave. He called me and I was able to talk her into staying. But after 15 more minutes, there was nothing he could do, so they headed home early.

Saturday morning I took Bennett to get her first manicure and pedicure. She got to choose the color, a light lavender, and sit in her own chair. She did great, and sat very still for the lady. She even sat under the dryers to let her polish dry. Unfortunately, after a hard day of playing outside and swimming in her baby pool, she lost the polish off of three of her finger nails (how does that happen so easily anyway?).

But today is her actual birthday, and all of the family (that live here) came over for dinner and cake. We started off playing in the yard, but when the humidity got to us, we came in to eat a typical summer dinner: burgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, tomato with mozzarella and basil, and chips. However, in typical Bennett fashion, she negotiated to open one present before dinner. Of course she chose the largest one, and had Christian help her open it. It was a water/sand table for outside, which she and Pres already love (thank you Louis, Michelle and kids).

After dinner, she opened the rest, and she loved them all! She got wonderful gifts (a camera, 4 DVDs, dress-up clothes and shoes, books, a tea set and money)! Thanks to all of our family for loving our little princess. She is so lucky to have such a caring family that does so much for her.

We ended the night with birthday cake. She spotted a princess-themed cake in Publix over a month ago, but it didn't feed enough people, and the next size up fed too many people, so we compromised. I let Bennett have her own small cake, and she chose the colors (pink and purple), and then we ordered another cake for the guests. The small cake worked out well since she and the rest of the little ones were licking the icing and she was eating the cake with her hands (rather than a fork).

After everyone left, she watched part of a new DVD and then hit the hay. Her eyes were rolling back as she was saying her prayers, so I know she was pooped (which is a sign of a good time)! Thanks again to everyone who made it to her party and who have given her hugs and kisses throughout her life. You have helped her thrive and become the 3 year old that she is today!

Happy Birthday Bennett!! We love you with all of our hearts.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just Playing Around

Sharing popcorn and sprite from Bennett's recent trip to the movie theater, and then playing dress-up. Bennett loves to dress up and thought Preston would enjoy it too. I think this photo of Pres could come back to haunt him.....

Thursday, May 20, 2010


This week each of the Mizerany children have accomplished big hurdles, yeah!!

About a week and a half ago, we stopped putting any diaper/pull-up on Bennett at night. The accomplishment is that she hasn't had any accidents and has woken up dry every morning! She
had been doing great for awhile, rarely tinkling at night, so I thought why not give it a go! She is turning three this weekend, so what a great milestone to reach. She is doing fabulous, but I am sure an accident will happen sometime in our future, so I better purchase some rubber sheets soon.

Our other big hurdle is probably more for me than Preston, but I am just happy that we have BOTH made it through this week. He has kicked the bottle! YEAH!!! I know some of you are counting in your heads how old he is, and thinking "shouldn't he have gotten rid of it months ago?" Well yes, but I messed up and let him rely on that for comfort. A friend told me that I just needed to cut it out cold turkey, and I knew it would be tough, so I decided to do it this week while Steve was out of town. The first day was hard enough, just eliminating his morning bottle (he took three a day), so I caved at naptime and bedtime. However, I stayed strong Tuesday and didn't give in even when his whining and crying was relentless. Wednesday was easier, and today he didn't even ask for one.

So happy we have less things to pack for our summer trips!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Congratulations Maria!

Next weekend our niece, Maria, is graduating from high school and moving onto the next stage of her at the University of Alabama. Today was the scholarship ceremony at John Carroll High School, where they announce all of the scholarships that the seniors have been awarded. Of course, many of them were known to the students and their families if they were given by the universities themselves. However, several were applied to by seniors all of the city or nation, and were announced today. It was great to be there to see her receive a handful of awards. One was a special designation, The Pat Sullivan Scholarship, given only to one athlete with a high GPA....and she received it!

None of these really surprised me as she is in the top ten of her class, and has excelled in athletics all four years of high school - doing especially well in track and field the past two years. Of course her hard work during high school has really paid off, and the family couldn't be more excited to see her at every Alabama football game this Fall. Roll Tide!

Congratulations Maria, and best wishes for another exciting and memorable four years! We love you with all of our hearts!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sofa Fort

The past couple of days the kids have had so much energy to burn before bedtime, that I have had to get creative so they don't destroy my house. I built them a sofa fort the other night and it was a hit. The first time they just played inside and jumped on the sofa cushions, but tonight they stepped it up a notch.

I was in the kitchen washing dishes, and when I came around the corner, this is what I saw....both of them on top of the cushion roof. I kept waiting for it to collapse, but it didn't. Then they started diving off the top (as seen below)....

So am I bad parent to let me them do this? They were sweating from playing so hard, and Pres passed out within minutes, so I guess it worked. Does that make it okay?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

"You're My Best Friend"

Lately Bennett has started telling people that they are her friends. The first time she told me that I was her "best friend" I felt so special, until I heard her say that about one of her classmates, then her father, then a neighbor friend....all in the same day. However, it was pretty cute when she kept telling her cousin, Henley, that she was her best friend over and over this weekend.

My niece (and god-daughter) was dropped off at 8am on Thursday for two days while Brian and Shannon went to a wedding. Since I can count on one hand how many times she has let me hold her without crying, I was hoping it would go smoothly. Thankfully it did, and we all had so much fun! I saw a completely different side of her (talkative, laughing, and slightly independent). She immediately took to me and Bennett, and had more of a competitive relationship with Preston (Steve was out of town for part of her stay, so she wasn't quite sure about him).

Bennett was so helpful, and really enjoyed doting on her as if she was her mommy. She kept taking her hand when she wanted Henley to come with her, and would talk to her in a "baby voice" (much like I do to her and Pres). When I dropped my kids off at school on Friday, Bennett told Henley "good-bye," and then gave her a kiss as soon as she got back in the car that afternoon. The girls shared a room and it worked out well. They both sleep so heavy that neither of them were awakened by the other.

This morning, Henley woke up almost 2 hours before Bennett and was forced to play with just Preston. She wasn't happy, and really didn't talk or do much. But as soon as Bennett jumped off the last stair, Henley had a smile on her face. Bennett walked right up to her and said "Hi Henley" and gave her a hug, and Henley reciprocated. It was so stinking cute! We decided to venture out for breakfast this morning and went to support the local boy scouts for their annual garage sale and pancake breakfast at our church.
When we got home, all three kids got their suits on and we headed out for a dip in the baby pool. It was our first time bringing it out this year, and it was definitely a hit with my kids. Henley was a little more timid, and barely got her toes wet.

When the pool got boring, the kids would take turns playing on the swingset. We even got the sprinkler out for them to run through, though they didn't quite get the hang of it. I had to run through with them. After a couple more times, I expect they will be running through and sliding around in the grass. I think we have a fun summer ahead of us!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NeNe and Poppy Come to Birmingham!

My parents have been in Birmingham for the past 10 days. Their visit was initially planned because they were babysitting Christian and Henley for 5 days, and it conveniently worked out that Bennett's dance recital was a couple of days later, so they stuck around to watch her perform. Though we got together with all of the children a couple of times, we didn't get to spend as much time with them as we usually do when they visit. However, the last few days were spent with them staying here entertaining our kids.

They played outside, visited the library, played hide-n-seek, had tea parties, did puzzles, played chase with Poppy, and just shared fun times. Though there were some tears (as there always are, every day, with toddlers), there were also a lot of laughs. Bennett and Preston really love their grandparents (all of them), and love the attention. Unfortunately I didn't take nearly enough photos, but here are a few of my favorites.

Above is a photo of my mother at the bird exhibit at the zoo, she kept gathering up the little birds on her hands, arms, shoulders so the kids could get a quick pet before they flew off. Then the other photo is my father hiding during a game of hide-n-seek. Pres found him the first time, but then everyone wanted to take a turn hiding in the same place.

Until next time....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bennett's 1st Dance Recital

This morning was spent with family cheering Bennett on at her first dance "recital." I say that word loosely since it was really just like one of her weekly dance classes, but they were all dressed up in new tutus. Each little girl was measured back in January, and then they received their new tutu last month. Since Bennett wears one of her tutus about 5 days out of the week, it has been difficult keeping her from wearing that one (especially since she can dress herself).

When today finally arrived, and I told her she could wear that tutu, she was so excited. I told her that she was going to have a large crowd there to watch her, and she was happy. Thankfully one of my friends volunteered to keep Preston for me, so I could photograph her, while Steve held the camcorder. I thank all of our family that came to watch her (my parents, Steve's parents, my sister-in-law, Shannon and my brother-in-law, Dan). Bennett loved looking out at the audience and seeing so many adoring faces.

As much as she loves dancing, there are days when she is just not in the mood and does not participate. She has not been herself the past week, so I must admit that I was a little worried. However, she did great! She smiled, followed instructions and really just had fun.

She felt special when we gave her flowers after the performance, but I think what made her most happy was being told there was a party down the hall. She made a mad dash down the hall so she could be first in line for goldfish crackers and cookies!!

It was a fun way to spend an hour, and I look forward to many more recitals in her future. We are taking the summer off, but we have already signed up for the Fall. Seeing all of those sweet little girls tip toe around that room just made me love my little angel even more.

We love you Bee, and are so proud of you!